1. sextape-movie:

    Sex Tape in theaters July 18

    He shouldn’t be wearing pants either. 

  2. brokenunderstars:

    No one ever said babies weren’t cute. 

    Seal, Fawn, Owl, Pigglet, Fox-pup, Sloth, Polar bear cub, Bunny and dolphin. (young babies)

    For that baby dolphin.

  3. Tweets concerning UCSB shooting, misogyny, and masculinity by Imran Siddiquee, Director of Communications for The Representation Project, the organization behind Miss Represenation and the soon-to-be-released documentary The Mask You Live In

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  4. noexitexists:

    Not born on this day (June 1st) but i love this quote

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  5. A very poopy sketch I wrote for Maude.

  6. Hi I’m Amy Poehler, and we are on the set of um…this is my house.

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  8. soulrevision:

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    There was a lot of talk today about the media’s failed coverage [read: non-coverage] of the 234 Nigerian girls, thus came the #234WhiteGirls hashtag.

    No, none of us wants any white girls to go missing. We just want these Nigerian girls to get the same amount of coverage that white girls get (or would get), because EVERY girl matters.


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  9. Morning: A Haiki

    Bird sings me awake.

    He doesn’t have sympathy,

    For how tired I am.

  10. This is inspiring!

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